My Story

Hi! I'm Sarah, the founder and creator behind Craft Me Knot LLC and I run this one-woman-show of a business. I've always been a crafty person, exploring whatever I could get my hands on for as long as I can remember. This was not my original career path, however after a knee injury unexpectedly ended my law enforcement career, I decided to follow my passions and make my hobby a business. This was only made possible with the support of my amazing family, husband, friends and customers.

As a self-taught "artist" (a word I use loosely), my type-A personality would sometimes get the best of me during the process of creating. Painting has personally taught me so much about myself and has even helped me grow as a person (yeah, I know that sounds corny).  I truly believe that crafting and art is for everyone. Making beautiful things for people that are meaningful and unique is what drives me. Personally, I love receiving things that are out of the norm, which is why I create. To be able to provide people with special items for themselves, for others as gifts, or even for events is an incredible feeling.

I love to learn new things and so often I see something, want to create it for myself, then teach myself how.  It was hard finding the resources to create full projects, so I decided to share what I know and offer workshops! All of my workshops are beginner friendly and require no experience. It is my goal to provide people with skills to be confident enough to create projects unassisted, in their own home.

To me, crafting is the perfect opportunity to learn something new, create something beautiful, relax and explore your personal creativity during a new and fun challenge.

I'm happy to provide a wide variety of services and products for all different types of events and customers.

So pop me an email and lets create something beautiful!