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"Chalk is Cheap" Promotion

You may be familiar with the phrase “talk is cheap”, implying that it is easy for us to talk a big game, but not always back it up. That phrase is what fueled “Chalk is Cheap”, and a really awesome pun if I do say so myself.

Since I just launched my small biz,  I wanted to partner with other local businesses and thought to myself, hmm, what can I do?? Well, “Chalk is Cheap” and I want to do more than talk a good game, so let’s make a deal! I want to build my chalkboard portfolio SO here is how this works….

I come letter your specials on chalkboard sign in exchange for what you are promoting (there is wiggle room here). Have the best coffee in town? Awesome! I live for coffee. Make the best pie? Cool, I will take a slice of that because I love to eat. I think you get the idea, I come letter, you pay me in snacks (or whatever you want really).

All you need to do is email me at sarah@craftmeknot.com and title it “Chalk is Cheap”. In the email provide me with the dimensions of your chalkboard sign and what you want lettered. THEN I will come on over and make you a pretty {cool} sign in exchange for [fill in the blank]. If you could just give me about a week notice that would be fantastic. I’m not sure how long I will be running this promotion so hit me up! This is only available for first time customers one time.

It’s a win-win!! You get a rad sign and I get some portfolio material. If you love it hopefully you will hire me for more signs and lettering stuff!!

Holiday Orders!

Okay, okay, I know it is only September, but trust me when I say the holidays are right around the corner. I can't tell you how often I have people contact me a few weeks before Christmas wanting a pet portrait or other custom piece and I have to turn them away.

If you know you want to order, contact me asap! Come October, the slots will be filling up quick and I hate turning people away. Refer to FAQ/Policy page for more details.


Halloween Wine & Beer Glass Painting

Join me on October 12th or October 27th at Treetops Kitty Cafe in Kennett Square.  You get to choose a wine or beer glass to paint this fun kitty inspired design. Part of the proceeds go directly to helping the cats.  So come paint and pet all the kitties! Sign up on Treetops Kitty Cafe Facebook page. Spots are limited so register today!